Sugar Baby Weekly

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Time On My Side

Friday morning came and I scowled.

An 11:00 meeting meant that I wouldn't have time to go to the gym and come back home to shower. Briefly I considered showering and dressing at the gym but the thought of putting on thigh highs in the locker room was too strange and, I thought, obvious. I decided to skip the workout altogether. Then I got pissed.

Why should I skip my workout? I've bent over backwards for this guy and now I'm denying myself something I love just because I have a time issue? No way. I made sure to work out extra hard, threw my duffel into the car and set off for the hotel.

As I entered the room and he took my coat I told him I'd come directly from the gym and was going to shower. He watched as I peeled off my pants and sportsbra, commenting on the muscles in my legs. I essentially ignored him. He busied himself with the nylon bed restraints while I took a nice long shower.

As I dried myself he peeked into the bathroom.

"Why didn't you come join me?"

"Oh! I didn't think of that! You should have invited me!"

"Well, it's too late now," I said, rubbing lotion into my breasts nonchalantly, enjoying the way he looked as I did.

The ignoring worked; he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me from behind and looked at us in the bathroom mirror.

"I'm sorry I made you angry. Please forgive me."

I looked at him and sighed.

"Please don't do it again."

"Would you like something? A drink, maybe?"

"Yes, a bourbon would be nice."

He got on the phone and called room service, which didn't serve alcohol before 5 PM. He put on his coat and said he'd go out for some; which brand do I prefer?

"Maker's Mark. It'll be near the top shelf. Just look for the red wax on the bottle."

The Gentleman doesn't drink.

He left and I checked the cash in the envelope. I walked around the room, still naked, and took a seat in the desk chair. I pushed myself off the desk and spun around.

When The Gentleman returned I was still naked, sitting in the chair. He wore a huge grin.

"Look at you! I like it!"

"Pour me a drink and come here."

He did as instructed and stood in front of me. I sipped my drink.

"Take off your clothes."

When he was naked I commented on the state of his cock: fully erect and rock-hard.

"I'm wearing my cock ring! I love it!"

"You've been wearing it for how long?"

"I put it on when I got here. I love how hard it makes me."

I wrapped the cuffs around his wrists and ankles and told him to get on his hands and knees on the bed. I fastened the straps and put a blindfold over his eyes.

I left him there as I took out supplies.

A short time later I was spanking his ass with my hands, and then with the flogger. I was very calm and rather indifferent about it, which surprised me. I thought I'd maybe be angrier about his behavior in the last several weeks, but a switch seemed to have been flipped as soon as he was tied up and my cool was kept.

I stopped every so often and massaged his balls, telling him he'd done well to continue shaving them.

"Touch my cock, please," he begged.

The sheet beneath his pelvis was wet, his ringed cock dripping precum like crazy.


I got off the bed and went to the dresser. His head turned and followed the sound. I swirled the ice in my drink and reached for a cigarette and his Zippo.

I flicked the lighter open: 'flink!'

His breathing quickened.

I snapped the wheel: 'flttth!'

His ass squirmed.

I lit the cigarette and walked toward him, lighter still flaming. I sat on the bed, holding it close to his face and closed it: 'clink!'

He moaned.

I held the cigarette for him as he blindly dragged on it, ass writhing, hands and feet bound to the mattress.

I took another drink and drag, then extinguished the smoke. I stood and pulled out a condom, sliding it over a smallish vibrating dildo. I put the dildo into my harness and pulled the straps tight. I put on a glove, lubing it, his ass and the dong.

With my ungloved hand I scored his back with my nails as the fingers of my gloved hand massaged his anus. He sighed and pushed back.

I pressed the head of the dildo into his hole and turned on the vibe, touching him lightly on his back, shoulders and legs. His breathing was crazy and I added more lube and began to fuck him hard.

That was when it hit me. I was extremely pissed off and it felt good to fuck him.

That sounded pretty close to rape: fueled by anger. I slowed and buried my cock deep in his ass.

"I am going to release your wrist and I want you to jerk yourself while I fuck you. Your cock is the only thing I want you to touch. Do you understand?"

He nodded and grabbed hold as soon as I freed his hand. He started jerking his dick. I grabbed his hips and drove my cock into him, the dull 'thud' of my harness-covered pubis hitting his ass with each volley.

His breathing sped up and became shallow. He was very close. I gave him one final pump, keeping the dildo deep inside as he moaned and came on his belly and hand.

I washed up, and handed him a cloth.

Our three hours were up.

I dressed and drove home, feeling moderately better.

I wondered if he'd ever want to see me again.