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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dressing Up

Have I mentioned how I love dressing up?

I think I have, but for those of you new to the blog, let me be clear: I really enjoy dressing for sessions. It's my little ritual, which we all have, like for dates and stuff. And of course you want to wear something on a date that your boyfriend will like, but you don't (at least I don't) ask him what he wants you to wear.

Girls also dress for other girls. We're constantly checking each other out at the supermarket and the swimming pool (I was at my pool the other day and this searingly hot Amazonian fox was wearing a bikini top and these really weird coordinating shorts, i assumed to cover her ass. I was incredulous. She totally should not hide her ass. Of course I didn't say anything. Of course I digress.)

I dress for the CEO the way I know he likes. I asked him what he'd like me to wear for his commencement speech.

"Dress like you're a recruiter for a big hi-tech company."

"Like, what, a suit?"

"No need. Dressy business wear. It's summer."


So I got dressed that morning, after painting my toenails a nude shade of pink. I checked the mirror one last time before heading out: my white blouse with the semi-seethrough swirls in the fabric, nude colored bra underneath, a black pencil skirt with a flare at the knees, and black strappy heels. I had my red briefcase filled with condoms, lube, a vibrator and my laptop.

He was nervous when he walked into the hotel room. I took his bag and kissed him hello. His assistant had messed something up at work and he was flustered and annoyed and needed to leave the office to fix it. And now he was here with me. I lowered my voice about an octave and spoke quietly. It works with my cats. I undressed him and kissed his mouth to shut off the rambling.

His eyes were closed and he had that little smile he gets when he's relaxing, just like my cats.

It was at that point that I realized, really, what my role is for the CEO. I am the calming influence. I leaned into his ear, "Hey, Mister, watch this."

I slid down to my knees, wearing all my clothes, putting my hands on his hips and looking up at him from underneath his hard-on. "You look like the hottest recruiter ever," he said. "Sit on the bed," I said, "and pretend it's your office chair." I smoothed my hair and smiled.

I blew him on the edge of the bed and cleaned him with a warm washcloth. He said he wanted to kiss me all over. I stood up and undressed, not being showy, but definitely being deliberate. He smiled and pulled me over. He nuzzled my stomach and licked my belly button. He sucked my nipples. He turned me onto my belly and laid on top of me with his arms under the front of my shoulders. He spooned me from behind. We didn't fuck.

We showered and I brushed powder on my face as I watched him get dressed. He left ten minutes before me. When I grabbed my briefcase I saw the stack of bills in the small compartment: three times my hourly rate. Of course, we weren't finished, I was going to watch his speech and look hot from the audience. I put on the glasses he likes and looked down at my feet, "I should make sure I sit at the end of an aisle. When he sees me, my legs will be crossed and a foot dangling in the aisle."

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