Sugar Baby Weekly

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blind Man's Bluff

In the two weeks since we last met, The Gentleman and I have both been a bit under the weather, he more so than I. I was busy with other interests (and interesting parties...but that's another story for another place), and I found myself looking forward to today's meeting.

He phoned two nights ago, asking if we were still on, and if there was anything he could pick up in preparation. I asked him to buy some Eros lube, non-lubricated condoms and a small toy that he thought looked fun. He got very excited at that idea and suggested that he'd look for a certain set of restraints I've been wanting. I wondered if he'd go through with it, as inexperienced as he is in such things. He'd never gone into a sex shop before. I suppose the employees of toy stores are used to people wandering around trying to appear nonchalant as they paw through flavored oils and huge rubber dildos.

I packed my bag and showered. I put on a pair of blue jeans and a black sleeveless sweater and blew my hair dry. I was in the car when he called with the room number.

He pulled me into the room. He'd missed me, had I missed him? He moved in for a kiss. I turned my head to the side, "Baby, I'm sorry, but I'm unable to touch you with my mouth today...I have a cold sore, see?"

He laughed. "Oh, I get those, too. So, it's okay if I kiss you, right?"

"Well, no, I'd prefer if we kept our individual oral herpes strains to ourselves, thanks!"

He was chomping at the bit. He was like a kid with ADHD or something. He couldn't sit still. He kept saying how much he'd been looking forward to today. He was a gentleman and DID let me sit on the couch and have a drink after my drive.

"Cara, what are you thinking?"
"I'm thinking that if I can't use my mouth, there should be something that you can't use..."
"Like what?"
"I think your eyes."

"My eyes? How will I do anything?" he laughed.
"You'll get better at using the rest of your senses. Yes, I think a blindfold is the perfect twist for today. Are you alright with that? You won't be tied down, and you can stop if you need to. How does it sound?"
"That sounds perfect."

He started to put his hand under my sweater. I pushed it away.

"You didn't ask permission to touch me."
"I'm sorry...may I touch you?"
"No, you may not. Take off your clothes over there while I watch."

I sat on the luggage bench by the door and looked at him. He undressed and I told him to lie facedown on the bed. I hadn't brought a blindfold (can you believe it, I don't even own one), but there was one thing I did have: a long piece of black silk rope. I doubled it and wrapped it around his head twice, lashing it in the back and making sure it wouldn't slip. I stopped and looked at my work. It was really hot.

I knew he couldn't see anything, and I moved from place to place in the room, choosing to make one noise, watching him to see what he did. Ice shifted in my glass as I took a drink, the toy bag rustled as I reached in for my flogger.

The Gentleman had expressed interest in light bondage and wanted to know when he could tie me up. As before, my response was that he needed to know what it felt like to be in a submissive position before he'd be ready to put someone else (me) there. I've explained that so much of the thrill is psychological, and that pain doesn't even have to factor in. I wanted him to be deprived of one sense, and to find out how his other senses responded.

He was lying on the bed with his arms folded underneath his cheek. I was still fully dressed. He started talking, which I know is a result of feeling nervous and excited.

"What are you going to do to me, Cara? I'm going crazy that I can't see you! Where are you?"

"First, sir, just try and relax. You need to trust me. I am not leaving the room. This is not about me torturing you. This is about you experiencing something new and exciting. I am going to help you get in touch with your senses. You will not see me, but you will hear, smell, feel and taste me when I think you are ready. Right now, just feel the pressure across your eyes. Feel how the ropes press onto the bridge of your nose."

"I like it. It's soft."

"Good. Now, unless I ask you a question, or you are ready for me to stop, I don't want you to talk. I just want you to pay attention to your senses. Understand? Stop trying to analyze everything. Try to give yourself over to absolute pleasure." (Okay, I didn't really say that, but it's not every day a girl gets to use a Rocky Horror line in her blog!)

I walked over to the bed with the flogger in my hand. It is a small leather flogger which is very soft and makes a good "whap!" on the skin. I held it above his foot and lightly moved it up his leg.

"Oh, mmmmm..... are those your panties?"

I didn't reply. I just kept tickling his feet, legs and back with the soft strips. After several minutes, I flicked my wrist and let the tails spread out between his shoulders. I dragged the flogger down to his ass, then twirling it so the straps were like car wash brushes along his back.

"Turn over now, please."

He rolled onto his back and I continued with the flogger on his legs, arms, chest, face and cock. Just swirling. Just teasing. I moved down to his feet and stood on the floor in front of them. I pulled back with my wrist and slapped the soles of his feet just hard enough to convey that, no, this was not my underwear.

"Hold out your hand."

I placed the handle into his hand and told him to touch it. He took it in both hands and let out a "mmmmm! I like this!"

"Smell it. Drag it across your chest. Slap it into the palm of your hand."

As he did, I took off my sweater and opened up a condom. I put my remote-controlled butt plug inside the condom and picked up the bottle of lube. I set both on the bedside table and reached over to my glass. I took a sip. I picked up The Gentleman's glass and took the flogger from his hands. I sat on the bed, put my arm under his neck and pulled his head up to the rim of the glass. He took a sip, and I replaced the glass on the table.

As I lowered his head to the pillow, I leaned forward. I knew he would be able to smell my skin, a mixture of sandalwood and orange and vanilla. He inhaled deeply, saying I smelled so good. I pulled back, disappointed that he'd spoken. I told him this and went to sit on the couch. I looked at the Conde Nast magazine and lit one of his cigarettes.

Once he was quiet again I went back, letting my fingers graze his crotch. His cock twitched and hardened. He sighed. I wanted him good and hard. I moved up beside him again and turned my back to him. I took his hand and placed it between my shoulder blades. He moved it down, stopping at my bra strap.

"Unhook it."

He did, and used both hands to trace my spine down to my jeans. I reached back and felt for his dick. It was hard and soaking his boxers with precum. I stood, turned and helped him off with the boxers. Finally his dick was free and he touched himself, spreading the precum over the shaft, stroking it slowly. I lubed my hand a little and got in a few good strokes there. His hips were moving and he was very, very quiet. I slipped a finger back and pressed it flat against his hole. He gasped.

"Keep jerking yourself."

A little more lube and I'd gotten my middle finger in. My ring finger followed and then the plug replaced them. I gave his nuts a squeeze and got off the bed to wash my hands.

In the bathroom I took off my jeans. I walked back slowly so he wouldn't hear. He was touching himself, but not jerking in earnest.

"Do you like the feeling of your ass filled?"
"Touch your nipples. Tell me how it feels."

As he did, I took out my vibrator from the bag.

His breathing was shallow and he reached out his arm, grasping at the air. I walked over to him and took his hand. I straddled his body on the bed and took ahold of his other hand. I lowered my chest so that it was close to his face. He sensed my heat and lifted his head to take my nipple into his mouth. He sucked it softly. I told him to suck it harder. He did better on the other side and I pulled away, just out of his reach. He whimpered.

I moved his hands in close to his shoulders. I lifted one leg at a time and put my knees into his palms, pinning his arms down. I moved myself forward and lowered my pussy onto his face. He started pushing his tongue into me. I slid down a little so that his tongue was on my clit, teling him to lick that. I started circling myself over his tongue, pressing down, getting into a nice place.

I rolled off to the side and laid back, allowing him to move to his knees. He was still blind, and I checked the rope to make sure it hadn't slid from position.

The Gentleman put a finger inside my pussy and said, "God, you are soaking wet." I sighed in agreement and concentrated on getting his fingers up to my G-spot.

"Listen to me. Go slowly and listen to what works. Then keep doing that. "

I had a nice little orgasm and went back to instructing him. I wanted to feel full.

"Use another finger now. Move them around slowly."

With his fingers in me and his mouth on my clit I was on my way to a larger orgasm. After several minutes, he just wasn't getting it, and I was getting impatient. I grabbed my vibrator and put it into his hand. I turned it on and guided it into me, angling it just so. "Mmmm...there we go. Keep it right there and suck on my clit."

In the midst of this latest ride, I remembered that I'd yet to turn on the vibrator in his ass. I looked to my right and found the remote. As I reached the edge of coming, I switched it on. Simultaneously, we moaned. I could feel the sheets, wet from my juice and cool. His cock was rock hard, pressing my thigh as he fucked me with the toy. He was thrusting so intensely that the bottom cap popped off, stopping all my fun.

"What have I done? Why did it stop?"

I looked at the vibe and the cap. It had been twisted too far to the right and had cracked.

"You broke my fucking vibrator. This is my favorite one. "

Oh, I'm sorry...I'll buy you a new one." His voice was tremulous, his dick was rock hard.

"I know you will. Come over here."

I reached down for his cock, intending to wrap it up and sit on it. I wanted a dick in me, and I told him so.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Cara? Or could I jerk off so you can watch?"

I was a little surprised at the response. Why wouldn't he want to fuck? Was he afraid that he'd shoot too soon? Did he think the butt plug would get in the way? Or could it be that, since he was unseeing, his other senses were just overwhelmed and he thought that my pussy holding onto his cock would just be too much?

I sensed that he preferred to jerk off. I told him that was what I wanted. I gave him some lube and laid beside him, cupping his balls as he gave one, two, three strokes and finished the race. Wham, bam.

After, we were lying together and he started playing with my clit again. I held his fingers and told him to relax them and just use them to cover my clit and press gently. I didn't need to come again. I really didn't want to. I glanced at the clock. We had gone over by about ten minutes. I told him to wait right there and I would be back with a towel. I went into the bathroom and turned on the water. As it warmed up, I put on my clothes.

I cleaned the come from his stomach and thighs and turned his head to the side. I untied the rope. He looked at me, all dressed and laughed.

"I love that you're so imaginative, Cara. I never know what to expect, but I'm always happy after we meet."

"I really enjoy this," I said. "it's fun thinking of new ideas for our dates."

"It's so unusual for me to be submissive like this...I liked it! I just, you know, have to be careful that I don't start getting emotional. That I don't let my feelings for you get in the way of this."

I paused. Shit. This is not what I signed on for.

"Listen, baby, that's why we have an arrangement. That's why the envelope you bring disappears when I leave. It keeps things simple. This is about having new experiences and enjoying ourselves."

"I know. I just..."

"What? You can tell me. Maybe I can help."

"Well, sometimes I really need to stop myself from calling you whenever I feel like it. I know, it's stupid. We have an agreement and I need to abide by that. You don't want to talk on the phone."

"What I want to avoid is the feeling that our agreement is shifting on your end. It starts to get complicated. But, baby, if it's hard for you to see me only once a week, by all means, call me and we can set something up to take care of that. I enjoy spending time with you."

"Okay. That's great to know. And I respect your boundaries. It's just that I think you're so great. And you seem to be better at emotional detachment than I am."

"Honey, your emotions are hard to separate from your thoughts and your physical pleasure. The pleasure part is what was missing in your relationship with your lady, right?"

"Yes, oh, so much."

"That's why I'm here. To give you pleasure and to help broaden your horizons. Did you have a good time today?"

"I had a fabulous time!"

"Then I did my job. And remember, this was mostly about you getting enjoyment from your own body. I'm so glad you did."

We set our date for next week. I gathered my supplies, buckled my messenger bag and left.

I think I need to spend time thinking about ways to encourage The Gentleman to introduce affection in his primary relationship. I think that they have been together for so long that it's fallen by the wayside. The fact that menopause has squashed her sex drive shouldn't mean they never touch each other, or show affection in other ways. After all, who wouldn't appreciate a good foot rub in the evening? What woman doesn't like being told that she smells delicious, even if she has zero interest in fucking?

I want to continue with The Gentleman, partly because of the money, but also because I think he is a good man who feels trapped by his own insecurities fed by years of disinterest on his partner's side. It feels good to show him the ins and outs of healthy sexuality: being comfortable with oneself, having a confident attitude and being willing to try new things. He's opening up to the last one. I want to see the rest unfold. I just hope he doesn't fall in love with me or something.