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Monday, May 21, 2007

Taco Bell! Motel! LOL, I'm in Hell!

The following is an actual email from a prospective client.

Well, I would like us to meet at the taco bell...if you want to go further
then we go to the cheap motel room that is close by....we go in the room and
you drop to your knees and service my cock for awhile or till I blow my load
on you somewhere....and or we go into the room, you get on the bed, spread
those legs and let me at it! lol....either way I leave you with some
sound like what you thought?
if so when would you be free?
how much funding are you in need of? if we do this semi regularly it would
be nice....
reminder that I am paying for the room and I am not
Nice, right?

Gentlemen, please. His previous suggestion was that we meet at "a designated place near the baseball stadium," to which my response was "that sounds like a nice invitation from an axe murderer. I will only agree to meet you at a hotel, but if you'd like to meet at a restaurant for an introductory lunch, that's a possibility."

Apparently, he'd meant the taco bell across from the stadium was the "designated place" and I could look forward to a cheesy gordita experience of the highest caliber before sucking cock in a cheap motel, "lol."

Here is the part when I say to you, dear readers and friends, puhlease.

I understand the turn-on of a seedy motel room for some. I know a married couple who spends the night every Valentine's Day at the cheapest motel out by the airport they can find, because it's fun and also hilarious and it's become a tradition. But as a proposed regular thing? Because some poor schmuck can't actually afford to live his fantasy?

Nope, sorry, "James."
I am not the girl who blows you twice a month in a no-tell.

I am the girl who is looking at an empty bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne which The CEO brought when we met last Friday. I drank this bottle with him, naked, as we leisurely enjoyed each other's company in stellar accommodations. I taught him about my g-spot, he clued me in on some of his favorite techniques, which I put to use, making him cum three times in as many hours. We compared Blackberry features and he suggested that I join him on an upcoming business trip.

He is fun and hot and knows how to do this right.
And he is also paying for the room.
Because he is rich.


  • At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Taylor Paige said…

    That is absolutely hilarious! Your story is much funnier than mine. I had a similar email a few weeks ago where the guy said "Wow you sure are an expensive whore but I will let you fuck me. I want one hour and I will pay you $150 and you get the motel" LOL First of all my minimum is 2 hours and it starts at $2500. I stay at 5 star hotels where my gentlemen friends foot the bill on top of spa treatments, dinner, shopping and more. But all I can say is that he definitely has some nerve and who knows I could of found that hot and exciting and said yes...Yeah right!!! Great Blog! Taylor Paige

  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Scarlet said…

    I will say that I am so pleased you are FINALLY getting the relationship/reciprocity you wanted from the beginning! I've been away, and it's heartening to return and read about this turn of events.



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