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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Crazy Talk

No meeting this week.

The Gentleman called the night before our scheduled appointment and left a message saying that he'd been sick with the flu. I breathed a sigh of relief, because I was just about to call and cancel myself. Seems that we were both under the weather. Actually, he probably got me sick last week and neither one of us knew. So, next week we should be back at it, and I'll have another lovely romp to write about.

Today I feel like writing about myself. This arrangement seems like it just fell into my lap, and I've been thinking about what it means to me in terms of its continuing.

I truly think that I'm a good thing in The Gentleman's life. He looks forward to our meetings and is always appreciative afterwards with thank-you notes and voicemails. Last week he said something that started me thinking.

As I was getting dressed to leave, we were chatting about the days I don't spend with him. He knows that he is not the only person I have sex with (though, he is the only one who pays me to do it). He said something about trying not to think about me having sex with someone else, even though he knew it was inevitable, and we have a good business relationship that could, one day, change if I wanted it to.

I was really taken aback. Did he not say he wanted no strings, no commitments? Isn't that why I responded to his ad in the first place?

It's a delicate balance. I need to make sure he doesn't start expecting more for less, or start feeling possessive about me sexually. At the same time, he needs to feel cared about and have his needs met physically. I really have no feelings for him other than that he's a decent guy who I get to play with in exchange for the easing of my financial burdens.

I really enjoy our sessions, and being told how great I am, conversationally as well as in bed. I just hope that I can continue with The Great Anticipation: That the six days between our visits will be peppered with smiles and hard-ons for him. That he'll stay awake nights wondering what is in store the next time I'm in front of him.

Myself, I think I can keep it going for a good long while. I'm not in danger of falling for him. I feel affection for the man who is older than my father and has so little sexual experience that everything short of a straight handjob and missionary sex is new to him. Sometimes I worry about that little thing he said, about things changing.

Of course, this was minutes after his first simultaneous blowjob/prostate massage, so we can probably chalk it up to endorphin-induced crazy talk, right?


  • At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Nixxx said…

    Show mw the man who can chat coherently after such an intense orgasm - especially his first blowjob/prostrate massage - and I'll show you a man made of steel - literally - he'd have to be a robot.

    I'm a new reader but I will definately be back - can't wait to see how this plays out for you.


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